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Composition is great! Seriously, there are many reasons for this, but one of the coolest is that you can bring any outside interest into your composition – want a piece about penguins (cool), on the perspective of ants (fun), or a piece inspired by works of art, literature, science, mathematics, philosophy? These are all interesting possibilities! As a curious person that loves learning new things, composition is always new and able to engage beyond itself. I tend to be inspired by intersections of the arts, science, mathematics, and literature, but who knows what is on the horizon. Maybe there is a piece about the culinary possibilities of trumpet mushrooms in my future – something to think on. See below for a partial list of compositions:


Operative MS39 for marimba and electronics (2024) 5'
MacDougal Street for solo organ (2023) 12'
Spring Rotations for solo marimba (2022) 6'
Night Eagle for solo trumpet (2021) 9'
Rules for solo percussion (2019) 8-9′
Mantis for solo marimba (2015) 5′30″
Cicadoidea Perspective for clarinet and electroacoustic music (Commissioned by Yi-Wen Chen) (2013) 12'
Bispherical for solo snare drum (2013) 5'
Cold Spy Fantasy for solo piano (commissioned by Ian Gindes) (2010) 8′
Farseer for clarinet and quadraphonic interactive electronics (for Kyle Rowan) (2009) 9′
Primarily Sexy for solo vibraphone (commissioned by Caleb Herron) (2009) 6′15″
Cypher for solo trumpet (2009) 6′30″
Linkage for solo piano (2008) 10'
Reflection for solo piano (commissioned by Adam Scott Neal) (2007) 7'30"
The Feel of May for solo bassoon (Commissioned by Stephanie Koher) (2007) 7′
Facture No 4 for solo tenor pan (commissioned by Sam Owens) (2006) 5'30"
Facture No 3 for solo flute (2006) 7'30"
Facture No 2 for solo percussion (Commissioned by Caleb Herron) (2006) 9′
Facture No 1 for solo cello (2005) 10′
Concept Drawing No. 1 for solo piano (2005) 6′30″


Berg Variations for solo disklavier (2021) 6'
Flutterant stereo electroacoustic music (2021) 5′00"
SlipGrid stereo electroacoustic music and video (2020) 5′30″
Portal Calibration stereo electroacoustic music (2019) 6′
Jormungandr for live electronics and optional instruments (2017 rev 2019) 7'30"
Bloodorange stereo electroacoustic music (2016) 8′50"
Contrapture 5.1 electroacoustic music and video (2009 rev 2012) 6′10″
Pathfinder 5.1 electroacoustic music (2009 rev 2011) 7′30″
Dreamcaster 8-channel electroacoustic music and dance (2011) 8'30"
Absolute Zero stereo electroacoustic music (2008) 5'

Large Ensemble

Difference of Cognition for orchestra (Commissioned by Erik Rohde) (2022) 8'
Paranoiac-Critical Variations for orchestra (Commissioned by the UIUC Symphony Orchestra) (2011) 9'
Alchemy of Angels for chamber orchestra (Commissioned by the UIUC New Music Ensemble) (2010) 8′
Pelagic for wind ensemble (2007) 10′


In Every Raindrop, a Universe for oboe and piano (2024) 5'30"
Verity for trumpet trio (2023) 4'30"
Fora for string quartet (2022) 11'
Manchouli for violin, percussion, and computer (2021) 6'30"
Air Monkey for flute, bassoon, and hammered dulcimer (2018) 5'30"
Aurai for clarinet and viola (commissioned by Violet) (2017) 12'
Reflection II for string quartet (2014) 7'30"
Wintermind for chamber ensemble (5) and stereo electroacoustic music (2014) 14'
Linkage II for violin, cello, and piano (2013) 10'
Increment for clarinet and percussion (commissioned by Caleb Herron) (2010) 5′30″
Spectral Evidence for piano and percussion (commissioned by Caleb Herron) (2008) 14′
Grey Departure for string quartet from String Quartet No. 1 (2007) 10′
Pendent Trajectories for flute, cello, percussion, and piano (2007) 6'
Pantheod for chamber ensemble(10) (2006) 27′


North Legend for mixed choir (SSAATTBB)(text by Hart Crane) (2014) 5'30"
Curious Art for solo soprano (2011) 1'
Amnesia for soprano, flute, and piano (text by Amy Pluess) (2005) 4'30"
Hold On for soprano and piano (text by Amy Pluess) (2004) 3'
Avunculo Mei for mixed choir (SSAATTBB) (for Ernest) (2003) 4'
Psalm No 10 for mixed choir (SSAATTBB) (2001) 4'
When I have fears for soprano and piano (text by John Keats) (2001) 4'

Open Instrumentation

Work Study Group for variable ensemble (2019) 5-10'
Partial Geometry for variable trio (2018) 9'