5.1 electroacoustic music (2009 rev 2011) 7′30″

  • Premiered => UIUC, Concert of New Music; 3.13.2009. Presented => SEAMUS National Conference 2010, NoiseFloor Festival 2010, Electronic Music Midwest 2009, Electroacoustic Juke Joint 2009. Recorded =>Measures of Change - EMS-2011.
Program Notes: 

Pathfinder (2009), electroacoustic music designed for 5.1 surround, draws inspiration from all the relatively small sounds that are made as we move through this world. The grating of rocks under foot, the crush of leaves, and the sounds of tree limbs snapping are among the sound sources used. The work is primarily concerned with motion, pace, obstacles, and points of arrival.

Pathfinder was composed with Grace (an algorithmic composition environment by Taube), Csound, Protools, and Max/MSP. This work was realized in the Experimental Music Studios at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.