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8-channel electroacoustic music and dance (2011) 8'30"

  • Premiere => UIUC, soundMosaics Concert, Sandra Paola Hendrix-López - Dancer/ Choreographer, Urbana, IL, 2.9.2011.
  • Presentation => SEAMUS National Conference 2012 (Sandra Paola Hendrix-López - Dancer/ Choreographer)

Program Notes: 

Dreamcaster (2011) for 8-channel electroacoustic music, originally designed to accompany dance, is inspired primarily by the idea of being trapped in visions or illusions, but also by various notions concerning perception, and the premise that once something is set (or cast) into motion it must stop of its own accord. The notion of visions serves as a theme to shape the work programmatically while the perception and casting ideas are the means by which the approach to gestural, textural, and timbral development was derived.

Dreamcaster was composed with Grace (Common Music), MyPic, AudioSculpt, and Protools. This work is part of the composer's continued research and refinement of the algorithmic processing and manipulation of audio material. Dreamcaster was realized in the Experimental Music Studios at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.