Alchemy of Angels

for chamber orchestra (Commissioned by the UIUC New Music Ensemble) (2010) 8′

  • SCORE (viewable/not printable)
  • - - 2 perc, hp, pno - single strings (2 vln, vla, vc, cb)
  • Premiered => UIUC New Music Ensemble - Stephen Taylor, Conducting; 9.21.2010; KCPA
Program Notes: 

Alchemy of Angels (2010) for chamber orchestra, inspired by Salvador Dali's late period work titled The Angel of Alchemy(1974), is an amalgamation of rather basic concepts: the addition of simple shapes and limited gestures to form complexity, and the manipulation of foreground/background roles. Aside from these notions on materials and craft, the sonic image of the flurry of wing beats, the idea of heralding an arrival, and the abstractness present in Dali's The Angel of Alchemy were the guiding ideas of this work.

Alchemy of Angels was commissioned by the UIUC New Music Ensemble.