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Concept Drawing No. 1

for solo piano

  • Premiere => Adam Scott Neal, piano-SCI Student Chapter concert, Atlanta, GA, 4.22.2005.
  • Recorded => GSU SCI Student Chapter CD In with the New vol. 1, Adam Scott Neal, piano- 12.2005.


Program Note:

Concept Drawing No. 1 was approached with an algorithmic process for governing pitch, rhythm, and texture. Some of the rules consisted of maintaining an almost constant running 16th note, that there will be no “non-chord” tones, the work will progressively become more complex (for the most part), and that each measure's harmonic identity will be determined by the rolling of dice. I first composed ten sonorities; some of these were traditional in construction and others I composed as a situation-based rule. For example, this sonority will be the same as the last sonority except with these changes... like adding or removing intervals from the “fundamental” of the sonority. I then proceeded to roll and d12 for the “fundamental” pitch class and a d10 for the sonority for every measure of the work, a number that I obtained by multiplying the results of two rolls of a d20. So, aside from a trip to the local gaming store, the completion of this piece required the analysis of the derived materials for the best possible route to the double bar.