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Facture No 2

for solo percussion (Commissioned by Caleb Herron) (2006) 9′

  • Premiered => Ensemble Surplus, June in Buffalo Festival; 6.8.2006.
  • Presented => June in Buffalo, UAF New Music Festival.
  • Recorded => In with the New Volumn No. 2 (Caleb Herron - Percussion).


Program Notes: 

Facture No. 2 (2006) for solo percussion is the second work in a series of solo works composed with a rigid compositional process focused on form and structure of gestures. Facture (french) - a construction, a making, a work fo art, or in this case, a musical construction. The work is organized by timbre (unpitched-metal, pitched-metal, skin, and wood) and makes use of an incipit, as well as stochastic and serial processes.

Facture No. 2 was composed with the use of algorithmic composition tools programmed in Max/MSP.