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Partial Geometry

for variable trio (2018) 9'

  • Premiered => MOXsonic - UCM; 3.9.19.
  • Presentation => MOXsonic - UCM; 3.9.19 and New Music Festival - BSU; 3.16.19.

Program Notes: 

Partial Geometry (2018), for variable trio, was composed for the members of the CPS Trio (Chan, Pounds, and Swilley). The title and concept are derived from a play on words – partial as in an overtone or spectral component of a sound and geometry for the largely graphic nature of the score for the work. As it turns out, partial geometry is actually a thing in mathematics. The first movement consists of a finite number of gestures arranged for the ensemble for the purpose of creating cohesion. The second movement of the work is game-like and organized by a special case of partial geometry called a Steiner system. The last movement, inspired by the work of artist Robert Strati, takes another approach to limited elements, but allows greater freedom to the performers.