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The Feel of May

for solo bassoon (Commissioned by Stephanie Koher) (2007) 7′

  • Premiered => UIUC Composers Concert, Stephanie Koher - Bassoon; 11.13.2007.
  • Presented => SCI Region VI Conference 2008.

Program Notes: 

The Feel of May (2007), for solo bassoon, commissioned by Stephanie Koher. While reading poetry I came across several lines concerning the passing of time and how specific times of year have a "feel" to them. This notion of a perceived “feel” intrigued me, because, while I can associate with having these feelings, I am also aware that I am sometimes (it seems like most of the time) too busy to notice what is going on around me. After making these connections I have found myself making greater efforts to “take in” my surroundings and to not let the simple beauties around me become a blur, as if being passed in a speeding car. This is not always easy or even possible. In fact, there is now something similar to a tug of war going on within me at all times: one side wants to take all necessary steps to see that the business of life remains in order, and the other desires even the briefest respite in which to essentially “stop and smell the roses.” While the month of May is arbitrary (it is merely the month in which my journey began), this tug of war, or tension and release, is the premise behind The Feel of May. Wanting to slow down and experience life and then being sucked back into the unpleasantly necessary business is something we can all relate to. Hopefully, life will allow us a few more breaks in the future so we don't miss the beauty which surrounds us.