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Difference of Cognition

for orchestra (Commissioned by Erik Rohde) (2022) 9'

  • - 4.2.3(III-bass).1 - timp,3 perc, pno. - strings
  • Premiere => NISO - Erik Rohde, Conductor; 10.13.2022; GBPAC

I. Through thought, experience, and the senses
II. Negotiations
III. Connecting intelligences
IV. Attention to difference, Abandoned 
V. Finding forum

Program Notes: 

Difference of Cognition (2022), for orchestra, was composed for Erik Rohde and the Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra. The program for the work is focused on neurodivergence – the stance of neuro-different rather than neuro-deficient. The work traces a path of parsing data (Through thought, experience, and the senses), working through differing stances (Negotiations; Connecting intelligences), and ultimately achieving conclusion (Attention to difference, Abandoned; Finding forum). This could be a narrative for an internal process of realization or an external interaction between individuals. The work is a commentary from the viewpoint that all voices are needed at the table.

Taking inspiration from the program, the compositional process for Difference of Cognition also brings many ‘voices’ to the table. This is done through combining different compositional methodologies and tools within the work: interval & rhythmic cycles, infinity series, triadic transformations, rhythmic fractioning, rotational arrays, set theory, and text sonification. 

Difference of Cognition is a continuation of the composer’s research into computer-assisted algorithmic composition. It was composed with the use of the software Common Music/GRACE and Max.