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for clarinet and viola (commissioned by Violet) (2017) 12'

  • Premiere => Violet Duo (Libby Crawford and Katrin Meidell) - BSU Concert, Muncie, IN; 8.29.2017.
  • Presentation => 44th International Viola Congress (2017), Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Recorded => Violet, Albany Records, 2019.

Program Notes: 

Aurai (2017), for clarinet and viola, was commissioned by Violet (Elizabeth Crawford and Katrin Meidell).

In Greek mythology the aurai are the "winged nymphs of breezes." Their various characteristics are derived from their origins as daughters of one of the four wind gods: Boreas, god of the north wind / bringer of winter; Eurus, god of the east wind / bringer of warmth and rain; Notus, god of the south wind / bringer of storms; and Zephyrus, god of the west wind / bringer of spring. 

Aurai is part of the composer's ongoing work in algorithmic composition. Specifically, Aurai made use of sonification, algorithmic manipulation of pitch and rhythm sets, as well as various interactive processes for live editing and steering of the algorithms. This work was composed with the use of Common Music / GRACE and Max.