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Portal Calibration

stereo electroacoustic music (2019) 6′

Program Notes: 

Portal Calibration (2019), for stereo electroacoustic music (fixed media), draws inspiration from science fiction and the sometimes-frustrating experience of being a life-long do-it-yourselfer.

WARNING! Portal calibration failure can cause serious injury/death/damage to persons/property within the resonance field. Misalignment or improperly calibrated portals can lead to Matter Fragmentation and Blur, Dimensional Leakage, Random Dispersals, Voiding, Mechanical Failure, and a variety of mental health issues. Portal calibration and maintenance should only be performed by a licensed professional (Legal Code 361p) - DO NOT ATTEMPT on your own. Do not remove tags (Legal Code 1).

Portal Calibration is the result of ongoing research in algorithmic processing/ mixing, human computer interaction, and signal processing. The materials for the piece were composed primarily with synths/instruments and sound file processors coded in MAX.