Performance - 2019 MOXsonic @ UCM

Saturday, March 9, 2019

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On the piece => Partial Geometry (2018), for electronic instrument trio, was composed for the members of the CPS Trio (Chan, Pounds, and Swilley). The title and concept are derived from a play on words – partial as in an overtone or spectral component of a sound and geometry for the largely graphic nature of the score for the work. As it turns out, partial geometry is actually a thing in mathematics. The first movement consists of a finite number of gestures arranged for the ensemble for the purpose of creating cohesion. The second movement of the work is game-like and organized by a special case of partial geometry called a Steiner system. The last movement, inspired by the work of artist Robert Strati, takes another approach to limited elements, but allows greater freedom to the performers.

On the CPS Trio => The cps trio is Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan, Michael Pounds, and Daniel Swilley, playing instruments (such as melodica, accordion and lap steel guitar) and controllers with live electronics and computer sound processing and generation. The trio began in 2018 at Ball State University. They focus on improvisational playing and performance of their own compositions.